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Discover the Joy of Crafting Your Own Korean Rice Wine at Home – Perfect for Beginners and Food Enthusiasts Alike!

Are you passionate about Korean cuisine and eager to explore the world of fermentation? Look no further! Our “Complete Makgeolli Course” is your gateway to mastering the ancient art of making delicious Korean rice wine right in your own kitchen.

Key Benefits

Affordable Brewing

Learn how to make makgeolli without breaking the bank. Our course is designed for budget-conscious brewers.

Beginner Friendly

Perfect for those new to brewing, our step-by-step tutorials make the process easy and enjoyable.

Like Cooking

 Experience the joy of crafting your own rice wine—it’s as satisfying as cooking your favorite meal.

What Sets Us Apart

Craft your Own Makgeolli with Baekusaeng
Comprehensive Content

Our course covers everything from ingredients and tools to traditional recipes and troubleshooting tips.

Make Nuruk with Baekusaeng
Expert Guidance

Developed by industry experts, our course is the first of its kind in English, offering detailed explanations and video tutorials

Make clear rice wine or cheongju with Baekusaeng
Exclusive Community

Join our private community of fellow members to share tips, recipes, and experiences.

“I never thought I could make my own makgeolli until I took this course. Now, I feel like a pro brewer!” 

- Dustin

Tasting our homemade Makgeolli at our local Homebrewers meetup.

They loved it!


Price: Only $ 69.99 for Lifetime Access to our Comprehensive Course

Unlock the Secrets of

Nuruk Making!

We understand the frustration of limited resources when it comes to Nuruk making. That’s why we’re here to bridge the gap and provide you with comprehensive guidance and support.

Through dedicated study under Korean traditional alcohol masters, we’ve honed our Nuruk making skills to perfection. With patience and perseverance, we’ve unlocked the secrets to creating high-quality Nuruk that forms the heart and soul of your Makgeolli.

Personalized Recipes

Experience the satisfaction of crafting your own Nuruk, tailored to your unique preferences and brewing style. From selecting the finest ingredients to nurturing the fermentation process, you’ll gain the confidence to infuse your Makgeolli with a distinct identity.

The Essence of Nuruk

 As the fermentation starter and essence of Korean alcohol, Nuruk unlocks a world of flavor possibilities. With just rice, water, and your special Nuruk, you’ll harness the power of wild yeast to create a symphony of flavors that tantalize the senses.

Specialized Recipes

Unlock the potential of unique recipes using rice Nuruk! With it, you can create a special Makgeolli dessert reminiscent of the Yogurt-like delicacies enjoyed during the Joseon Dynasty.

Discover Korean Culture through Makgeolli

Just as I did, you’ll delve into the rich history of Korean culture through the lens of Makgeolli brewing. It’s not just about making a drink; it’s about connecting with centuries-old traditions and experiencing the essence of Korea in every sip.

Makgeolli isn’t just a beverage; it’s an essential companion to Korean cuisine. By mastering the art of brewing, you’ll elevate your dining experience and gain an edge in the food industry. Imagine savoring authentic Korean dishes paired with your own handcrafted Makgeolli—a true feast for the senses.

- Joe Kim

Founder Baekusaeng Makgeolli